Eats: Smoked Babyback Ribs

Eats: Smoked Babyback Ribs

Not sure what to cook for the fall homestretch or upcoming playoff games? Jason Buffalow of BuffalowBBQ has a classic for you to try out, as he shares the recipe for his famous smoked babyback ribs:

BuffalowBBQ smoked babyback ribs for Baseball BBQ

BuffalowBBQ's Famous Ribs

I have cooked thousands of racks of ribs and tried every which way you can think of and on so many different cookers. Here is the best way, hands down, that I have found for non-competition ribs:

  • Start with baby back or spare ribs, and typically I start this the night before.
  • Pull off membrane and rinse.
  • Do a light coat of binder - I prefer olive oil over mustard
  • Light salt and heavy rub. J. Christopher Original or Meat Church honey/bacon is a good one as well.
  • I let them bad boys sit in fridge while the smoker is warming up (30-60 minutes)
  • If your smoker can hold 150-170, then go with 7.5 hours on that setting. If not, then 180 for 6 hours.
  • Don’t touch, don’t look, don’t wrap, don’t spritz and don't do a thing. Sit back and have a beer or 6! Hang out with your friends and family. Work on side dishes. Anything beside babysitting the ribs.
  • At your time point, check them. Is there 1/2-3/4” of bone showing? If so, then sauce them and turn to 325 to “set” the sauce for about 20-30 minutes. If not, let them set another 1/2 hour or so and check them again.
  • Once it is done, let it rest 15 minutes before slicing!!
  • Smile, take all the credit and then tag @buffalowbbq on the down low

Slicing up BuffalowBBQ smoked babyback ribs for Baseball BBQ

For the ribs shown here:

Overall time to cook & eat:

  • Prep Time: 1 hour/Rest Time 24 hours
  • Smoke Temp: 150
  • Wood: Almond Pellets
  • Cook time: 8 hours
  • Total time to disappear: 30 minutes!
Good eating - BuffalowBBQ smoked babyback ribs for Baseball BBQ


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About the Contributor: Jason Buffalow is the owner of BuffalowBBQ, backyard BBQ pitmaster and grill specialist who has been cooking privately for over 30 years. A Dodgers fan living in Ripon, CA, Jason brings his baseball passion to coaching youth teams. Give him a follow at BuffalowBBQ and learn more about Jason's baseball & BBQ passion from our recent blog introduction