For the Love of the Game and the Grill

Baseball BBQ started one summer day when a broken grill-fork and a cracked bat came together to make the perfect grilling tool. That moment gave rise to an idea and fused together two of our lifelong passions into one common goal - to share the love of the game and the grill.

We’ve played baseball all our lives, we live and breathe the action, the camaraderie of the game, and the moments of tradition.  Whether it's still trying to capture our former glory on the diamond or touring ballparks around the country, baseball is in our heart and soul.

Off the field, we come together around the grill, the staple of the American backyard for all seasons. Steeped in the same camaraderie and tradition as baseball, the barbeque is the gathering of friends and family to share stories, laughter and great food.  

What ignited that moment has been part of our lives all along. Baseball BBQ brings those two great pastimes together, building tools for fans of the game and the grill. Our mission is to bring the big-league feel to every barbecue so that you too can share your love of both.