Save your lumber

Convert Your Wood Bats into Custom Grill Tools

Give New Life to Your Cherished Baseball bats

Ballplayers know that bats aren't just tools. They carry the indelible marks of hits, outs, home runs and sometimes... breaks. We're proud to offer a simple process to save those well-loved bats and turn them into amazing, personalized, baseball grill tools.

How the process works

Contact Us to Start

Use the contact form below to begin the order process. We'll respond to verify your grilling product choice, engraving needs, and provide information on where to ship your bat(s). Once confirmed, we'll send you an invoice for payment and get started!

We Convert Your Bat

Our Custom Shop will cut the bat handle to appropriate length, slot it for the stainless steel grill tool (spatula or fork), drill, and rivet them into place, for long-lasting performance.

We Engrave Your Tools

Lastly, our Custom Shop will laser engrave the text of your choice (20 characters total)... your name, player number, team, favorite saying, whatever you want! Once finished (5-7 business days from receipt), we'll ship out your new tools and send you a tracking confirmation.

Custom Bat Conversion

$49.99 per tool

Price includes conversion from bat to Baseball BBQ grill tool, finishing, and laser engraving. Orders of 2 or more tools receive free US Priority shipping.

Submit Your Info Below to Start

Fill out the contact form below with your information, using the message body to tell us which grill tools you want and how many, how long you want the handles to be, and what you'd like engraving on the handles. We'll review and respond to verify your order and start the process.


Custom Conversion FAQ

What does it cost to convert one of my own bats?
$49.99 per tool for custom conversion of your wooden bat to a Baseball BBQ grill tool (option of spatula or fork). The price includes tool materials, conversion, engraving, and finishing.

How do I get started?
Fill out our order form above and hit send to start the process. Once received, we'll review and respond to verify your order including which grill tools you want and how many, how long you'd like the handles to be, and what you'd like engraved.

What condition does a bat need to be in?
Just make sure that your bat is not cracked, split, or broken under the cutline for the handle (knob, grip or handle). Other than that, the character of a well-loved bat makes the finished tools look unique.

What size bats can you convert?
Our Baseball BBQ tool handles are 8" long, but we can convert your handle to whatever length you wish. It's easiest if you ship us a pre-cut 10" handle, but we can work with longer sections if you want or cut down a full bat for you if needed.

How wide is the metal tool where it meets the handle?
The neck of the metal grill tool measures 1" in diameter. Not all bat handles are the same thickness, but our tools are made to match closely to an average bat handle taper and will always be very close to a perfect fit.

Can I convert a metal bat?
Sorry, only solid or composite wood bats. Also, no miniature wood bats or small youth bats.

Can I add engraving on my bat handle?
Of course! We offer engraving on the handles for each tool. We can engrave up to 20 characters of text (spaces included). We cannot engrave emojis or trademarked logos in the custom text. Just send us what you want engraved on the contact form, and we'll take care of it.

How do I pay for my order?
Once we respond to verify your order, we will send you an online invoice for payment, and we'll get started!

How will I know when my order is done?
Once your order is complete, you'll receive an shipping confirmation and tracking email for your new tools.

How long will a custom bat conversion take?
As long as your bat handle is in good condition, most conversions are done and shipped to the customer in 5-7 business days.