Pitmaster Profiles: Buffalow BBQ

Pitmaster Profiles: Buffalow BBQ

We're always excited to collaborate with people who share our passion, and the last few months we've been lucky to connect with diehard baseball fans and grill masters across the country. In the coming months, we're excited to bring forward new Baseball BBQ content, from pitmaster stories to grill recipes, dugout tales, baseball inspiration, and everything in between. 

One of the people we had a chance to talk with recently is Jason Buffalow, a backyard BBQ pitmaster who's amassed a huge following online with a constant stream of mouth-watering grill creations. Alongside his grill prowess, Jason and his family are huge baseball fans. So when we sent a set custom Turn Two set of tools for BuffalowBBQ, it was only natural to bond over the baseball & BBQ connection:

Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm Jason Buffalow, owner of BuffalowBBQ. I've been married to my best friend for 30 years, and we've raised our 22-year-old niece since she was 2 and our son who just turned 13. Cooking BBQ is my relaxation. I've been cooking privately for over 30 years, and offer special events and catering.


I try to focus on making my recipes easy to copy and have a ton of flavors without being too complex. I live life to the fullest, and in the last few years I have really focused on documenting and sharing my life, experiences, recipes, and techniques with others. 

What's your baseball involvement? 

Along with many other hobbies, I happen to coach baseball and bbq. I have been coaching youth baseball for about seven years, for all different ages and levels. This year I took on coaching for Ripon High School JV, but unfortunately with COVID-19, much of our baseball has been shut down.

My son loves baseball. I am fortunate to be on the path with him, and we spend 4-6 days a week on a ball field somewhere practices, training, or playing. It is truly his passion, which makes it my passion!

What goes better than baseball and BBQ? 

Any chance we get, we go to see live baseball games. High school, college, or the pros is all good with us. And if we're going to a game, then I'm cooking and playing catch in the parking lot!

This is a common scene for my group... game day Oakland Coliseum. I bring my trusty Green Mountain Grills Davey Crockett and grill up some hot dogs, sausages, and burgers. Even though we are Dodgers fans, we love baseball! Of course we always use @slotdogdotcom for the next level dogs!

Favorite baseball memories?

Two memories recently...

Going to the 18-inning World Series game in 2018. We had the most amazing seats and stayed the whole time. We actually made it onto network tv, got to high-five A-Rod and witness history. Endless cold beer, nachos, and famous Dodger dogs!

Opening Day for Ripon, CA Little League in 2018, which I helped to cofound and also did the catering for:

Be sure to check out the BuffalowBBQ Instagram feed to see what he's cooking up on a regular basis, and stay tuned for more from BuffalowBBQ and Baseball BBQ in the coming months!