We Love to Thank Youth Coaches

We Love to Thank Youth Coaches

The 2023 Little League World Series just wrapped up after a thrilling final game that let us all enjoy the very simple pleasure of watching kids play baseball.  But, none of us involved with Baseball BBQ can watch the kids play without thinking of the many hours that adults volunteer to coach the youngsters in the fundamentals of the game we love.

Each of us has coached baseball at its most fun and unglamorous levels, far from the television cameras and pageantry of the Little League World Series in Williamsport.  We all agree that throwing all that batting practice, hitting so many fungos, running practices in the heat of the summer — and buying all that post-game ice cream — is all worth it when you watch the kids execute a play you worked on or see them demonstrate a skill they worked on over the course of a summer.

Now, we are so happy to help young ballplayers and their parents thank the coaches who teach the game and we are always delighted to customize our patented bat-handle BBQ tools or cutting boards as “Thank You” gifts for coaches after each season.  The coaches definitely do not coach for an end-of-season gift, but the smiles we see on their faces when they look at our custom-engraved tools and boards let us know that they’ll remember their summer on the sandlot every time they step up to the grill.

If we can help you create a customized gift for a special coach, let us know.  They’re some of our favorite orders to fulfill because we all know how much work — and love of the game — each of the coaches puts into their volunteer efforts.  Even if their teams never make it to the Little League World Series, or even if they never win a game, these coaches and their players are part of an important link, teaching and learning this great game.

Not many little leaguers grow up to be big leaguers, but they all can love the game thanks to the work of dedicated volunteer coaches who were once taught the game by their own coaches.  If we at Baseball BBQ can play a small part to make them fee appreciated for their summer in the sun, teaching the game, that’s a home run for us!