The Collaboration That Ruth Built

The Collaboration That Ruth Built

Being involved with a baseball business is about “business” most days, but the days when Baseball BBQ is about “baseball” are certainly fun ones.  The day Baseball BBQ became connected with the greatest name in the history of the game will go down as an all-time fun one for the guys behind Baseball BBQ.

George Herman Ruth — The Babe.  The Sultan of Swat.  The Bambino.  An icon of baseball and American sport by any nickname.  On the mound and at the plate, Ruth excelled.  His prodigious power transformed the sport and his accomplishments can be best qualified with a singular adjective that describes  prodigious accomplishment:  “Ruthian.” 

The idea that our little bat-handle BBQ tool business could be connected with such a big name in the game was a shot we never could have called.  So it was an incredibly pleasant surprise when we were contacted by representatives of Babe Ruth’s estate to see if we would be interested in producing products that would use the “Babe Ruth” name.

We may create many other exciting collaborations and partnerships in the future and we definitely look forward to working with so many involved with the national pastime.  But, we will never be involved with a name as big as the game itself.  We think we did justice to the legacy and know that fans will enjoy the Baseball BBQ and the Bambino collection.

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die!  Now, our Babe Ruth BBQ tools, bottle openers, and cutting boards are laser-engraved with the signature and number of the biggest name in baseball.  We at Baseball BBQ do not take this connection lightly and we are delighted and proud to produce these products.