Save Your Lumber - Introducing Custom Bat Conversions

Save Your Lumber - Introducing Custom Bat Conversions

Over the last couple months, we've had a few requests from ballplayers who wanted to preserve their own cherished bats in a new form. There's nothing like the memories that come from a well-loved bat. They carry the indelible marks of hits, outs, home runs and sometimes... breaks. After testing this fall, we're proud to offer a simple process to give new life to your wood bats and turn them into amazing, personalized, baseball grill tools.

It's a custom, but simple, process, explained in detail here: 

Convert Your Own Bats to Custom Grill Tools


The process is straightforward... 

  1. Submit your contact form with what tools you'd like, how many, what length you want them, and what you'd like engraved on them. 
  2. We'll review, confirm your order details, and send you the shipping information. 
  3. We'll modify your wood bat, cutting the hardware slots in the handle, drilling, and riveting the hardware for our Slider Spatula or Forkball Fork in place for long-lasting, high-quality grill tools.
  4. We'll add custom laser engraving with the text of your choice, and ship you your finished one-of-a-kind baseball grill tools. 

Check it out, and contact us to start today!