Lessons in Coaching & Grilling, Part One

Lessons in Coaching & Grilling, Part One

Our community goes beyond the grill. We are ball players and fans, sports lovers, families, and future big leaguers. And we love a good grill out and tailgate. Each month, we feature a recipe from those dedicated to their community and their love of the grill! This month is Coach Jon Digges of SYA Little League in Northern Virginia. He loves his coaching gig, feeds his family well and plays ball with his sons endlessly while waiting for his brisket timer.

Travel Baseball Coach Jon Digges’ Smoked Mustard Brisket:


  • 12-15 lb Brisket

  • ½ c Salt

  • ½ c Pepper

  • 1 c Yellow Mustard


  • Place smoker at 250-275 degrees.

Trim fat cap on brisket. Spread mustard on brisket then salt and pepper. Put in smoker for 30-60 minutes per pound. Remove from smoker and let rest with thermometer. When it reaches 165 degrees, wrap it in butcher paper. As temperature begins to go back up, remove the paper when it hits 205 degrees. These final steps retain the moisture!