For the Love of Game and Grill

For the Love of Game and Grill

The Gift of Baseball

It is the gift-giving season and at Baseball BBQ we have been very busy fulfilling orders so we know that lots of lovers of baseball and BBQ are going to be very happy with the presents they receive in just a few short days.  While we were taking a break from laser engraving and packing boxes, we had a chance to talk about great baseball gifts we have received in our lives.

Of course, we talked about our first gloves and favorite video games, but as much as we still love to play a kids’ game, the guys behind Baseball BBQ aren’t kids anymore so we also talked about more meaningful gifts.

For me, it was the gift of taking my son to a World Series game.  As a Phillies fan, World Series games are definitely not an everyday occurrence.  Over the past 70 years, Philadelphia has hosted fewer than 20 World Series games so too many young fans never even had the opportunity to see their favorite team play in the fall classic.  My son was a baby when the Phillies last played in the World Series so after the team’s improbable pennant win, I jumped at the chance to purchase tickets. 

Now, Baseball BBQ is enjoying a lot of success, but not that much success that buying World Series tickets is like springing for a pack of gum.  When I asked my son if he would like to go to the first home game in Philadelphia, he responded quietly, “I don’t know.  Tickets are really expensive.”

“How many World Series games have you ever been to?” I asked in reply.  The game was a big Phillies win and our evening together was worth every penny.  A true gift of baseball for father and son.

My partner spoke about a chance meeting on a California beach with an older baseball fan.  Despite a half-century age gap, they became friends and would meet to play catch and hit baseballs at a local batting cage.  My partner moved away but the two stayed close.  When he celebrated his 95th birthday, my partner’s pal gave him the glove he used when he played in college.  That memento of a special baseball relationship is now a cherished piece and can be seen in our first studio images with our initial products.

Enjoy giving and receiving your presents this year.  You never know which gifts will create a memory to last a lifetime.