Custom Stories: Intra-Family Rivalry

Custom Stories: Intra-Family Rivalry

Since we launched our personalized grill tools in June, we've seen all kinds of custom requests come through our shop, from coach inscriptions to team celebrations, Father's Day engravings, and BBQ slogans. 

Seeing and producing these engravings for our customers is one of our favorite parts of this business, and every now and then we see a request that we can't help but find out the backstory on. After seeing this order from Kari L, we reached out and got the classic story of a family baseball rivalry:

The House Divided...

We are a house divided! My husband is a Yankees fan along with my oldest son, Carson - 10. Myself and my youngest son, Oliver - 6, are Red Sox fans. 
There’s a lot of sports banter with back and forth NY/Boston jabs. We started dating during the 2004 ACLS SERIES, engaged at a Red Sox/Yankees back-to-back series against Seattle, announced our sons’ arrival with a Red Sox or Yankees draft selection...the list goes on and the rivalry is deep. For us, this grill set is an exciting edition to a household full of Red Sox/Yankees gear and constant “Go Red Sox” or “Go Yankees” battles from my boys. Now they can also battle it out on the grill! 



My husband was super surprised and pleased with the set! The boys were SO excited to give it him and competed on which one he'll use the most. . . secretly that's why "Go Boston" was engraved on the flipper LOL The rivalry runs deep! 

Thank you for the great product that we've already shared with friends and family!

-Kari L. from Boise, ID


Do you have a good story about your Baseball BBQ tools? We'd like to hear what your engraving means, and we always love to receive pictures of people using their Baseball BBQ tools. 

[Cover images courtesy of Todd Kent and Luca Bravo via Unsplash]