5 Road Trip Worthy BBQ Joints: Midwest Edition

5 Road Trip Worthy BBQ Joints: Midwest Edition


We hope you enjoyed last week's tour of the east coast! This week, we are heading to the midwest. There are so many top-tier BBQ joints in the area it was hard to choose. To summarize the places we selected, let's start with Joe's. They are traditional BBQ with simple recipes and a long stand reputation. Arthur Bryants has been a hit with celebrities and politicians throughout the decades. Gates began in the 1940s as a humble restaurant and since has developed multiple locations and become a national distributor. The Shaved Duck offers BBQ classes and specialized menu options for food restrictions. Lastly, Slaps is new but has built credibility by being featured on Destination Americas BBQ Pitmasters. Where are you going first?

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, Kansas City, KS

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ had a simple start as a gas station restaurant but has expanded into four locations. Their unique feature is that they ship BBQ straight to you. If you can’t make it to Kansas City, you can still experience the mouth-watering sensation of Mid-West BBQ. Their restaurant’s story is rooted in the art of transformation. Bring regular cuts of meat to life with smoke and perfect grilling and transforming a simple gas station restaurant into a national legend. They offer brisket, burnt end, pork, anything you can imagine in terms of classic BBQ! This place is certainly worth the stop.

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, Kansas City, MO

Bryant is a BBQ legend who has served Harry Trueman, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama. This Mid-West BBQ joint has gained national recognition and credibility for being the best of the best. They are dedicated to maintaining this legacy and continuing to impress customers daily. They have all of the classic offerings, even meat by the pound for beef, ham, turkey, sausage, burnt end, and pork. If you want your mind blown and palette expanded, this might be the most accredited stop on the road trip.

Gate Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, MO

Gate Bar-B-Q has six locations within the midwest, which are listed on the website linked above. The first Gate opened way back in 1946 and was a success. From there they expanded to multiple locations, and by 1975 were selling grocery store products as well. In 1983, they became national distributors. Although they have experienced expansion, their priority is always to remain true to their original values of quality and service. You can order sauces, spices, and apparel online. Or visit the store in person to try their famous entrees, sandwiches, and more.

The Shaved Duck Smokehouse, Saint Louis, MO

The Shaved Duck Smokehouse is unique compared to other restaurants we have ventured into thus far. First off, they offer vegetarian and vegan options. They even provide a comprehensive outline of their website of which potential allergens in each dish. This is progressive, and great if other people in the family aren’t as keen on the idea of traditional BBQ. That being said, they do still offer all of the classics! Another exciting feature is their classes that teach you how to take BBQ to the next level. For $200, you can spend a whole day with the pros learning the in’s and out’s of professional BBQ.

Slap’s BBQ, Kansas City, KS

Slap stands for “Squeal like a Pig” and was the name of a BBQ competition team the two founders participated in to get themselves on the map. The two young men were selected for Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters and made it to the final round on the 5th season of the show. This publicity helped elevate their career and credibility in the BBQ space. They cook with only the highest quality of fresh, organic meat. The restaurant has nearly five-star reviews across all platforms and stands out as a new leader in the barbecue industry.